Alloy Powder
Alloy Powder
Alloy Powder

Daido Steel provides various types of alloyed powders incluing those of stainless, super alloy and nonferrous metal. Powders with various particle diameters from coarse particle powder to ultra-fine powder can be produced. Our alloyed powders are active in various fields of automobile, IT, electronic component, precision component, building material.

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Metal powders for 3D printing

Daido Steel provides powders for additive manufacturing suitable for metal 3D printing by SLM, EBM, and LMD.


  • DAPTM-AM series are spherical, low-oxygen, high-purity, and excellent flowability powders produced by gas atomization.
  • The particle size can be adjusted to customer's equipments.
  • From a small-lot prototype to mass production, Daido Steel can also provide powders that match the development stage of customers.
  • Not only powders with composition conforming to JIS and other standards, but also the ones with tailored composition are available.
    Please contact our Powder Sales Department for details.

DAPTM-AM series, metal powders for SLM 3D printers

Daido Alloy Powder – for Additive Manufacturing )

DAPTM-AM series are metal powders with excellent flowability suitable for SLM 3D printers.

Not only powders with composition of standardized steel but also the ones with tailored composition suitable for applications are available.

Lineup of DAPTM-AM series and typical chemical composition (mass%)

Equivalent steel grade C Si Mn Cr Mo V Other Major applications
JIS-SKD61 0.38 1 0.45 5 1.2 1 - Molds, Jigs
SKD61 type Die steel 0.13 0.1 0.45 5 1.2 0.4 - Plastic injection molds, Die-casting molds
SKD61 type Die steel 0.23 0.1 0.45 5 1.2 0.4 - Die-casting molds

Particle size:-50/+25μm
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