Alloy Powder
Alloy Powder
Alloy Powder

Daido Steel provides various types of alloyed powders incluing those of stainless, super alloy and nonferrous metal. Powders with various particle diameters from coarse particle powder to ultra-fine powder can be produced. Our alloyed powders are active in various fields of automobile, IT, electronic component, precision component, building material.

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Soft Magnetic Powder

Soft Magnetic Powder

Soft magnetic powder for electronic parts Suitable for powder compaction, injection molding process.


  • High function soft magnetic powder
  • Other soft magnetic powder
    • Fe-Ni alloy
    • Fe-Co alloy
    • Fe-Si-Al alloy
    • Ferrite stainless steels
  • Various atomizing methods, alloy design, powder size/shape control technologies provide optimal magnetic property solutions.
Alloyed Powder for Magnetic Materials Features

Main applications

  • Choke coil
  • Chipinductor
  • Reactor for vehicle
  • Reactor for photovoltaic power generation
  • Electromagnetic clutch
  • Mixingwith resins
【Core loss property of respective materials at high frequenc】
Core loss property of respective materials at high frequenc
【Change of Core Loss property in particle shape control】
Change of Core Loss property in particle shape control

Main powder products

Material Chemical Composition(mass%) Corresponding material type
C Si Ni Cr Mo Co
DAPMS3 3.0
DAPMS7 6.5
DAPMSA10 9.5 Al5.5
DAPPB 47.0 PB Permalloy
DAPPC 78.0 4.0 PC Permalloy
DAPMKV49 49.0 V2.0 Permendur
DAP410L 0.02 12.5 SUS410L
DAP430L 0.02 17.0 SUS430
DAPMSC series Fe-Si-Cr type

※Different type of chemical compositions is also available.
※Unless "Bal" is specified on the table, metal type is Fe-base alloy basically.

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