Alloy Powder
Alloy Powder
Alloy Powder

Daido Steel provides various types of alloyed powders incluing those of stainless, super alloy and nonferrous metal. Powders with various particle diameters from coarse particle powder to ultra-fine powder can be produced. Our alloyed powders are active in various fields of automobile, IT, electronic component, precision component, building material.

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Powder for MIM

Powder for MIM

Fine metal powders to Metal Injection Molding Achieve high tap density by technically controlled powder shape Help customer's product cost reduction with enhancement of product size/shape accuracy


  • Various stainless powders and high Cobalt alloy powders suitable for each application
  • various tap density line-up useful for customer's requirements
  • XTD grade has very high Tap density comparable to Gas atomized powder

Main powder products and Applications

Material Base Composition(mass%) Characieristics Corresponding
material type
Main Application
DAP316L Fe-17Cr-13Ni-2Mo Hight corrosion resistance
  • Mobile phone parts
  • PC parts
  • Turbo parts
  • Dental parts
  • Lock parts etc.
DAP630 Fe-17Cr-4Ni-4Cu Hardness HRC 38-42 17-4PH
DAP440C Fe-17Cr-1C Hardness HRC 55-60
DAPSKH51 Fe-6W-5Mo-4Cr-2V-0.8C Hardness HRC 60-65 M2
DAPHK30 Fe-25Cr-20Ni-0.3C Heat resistance SCH21
DAPSKMC400 Co-26Mo-8Cr-3Si Heat and Wear resistance

※Different type of chemical compositions is also available

Particle size

Particle size -45M -30M -20M
Mean particle diameter D50 13µm 10µm 7.5µm

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