Alloy Powder
Alloy Powder
Alloy Powder

Daido Steel provides various types of alloyed powders incluing those of stainless, super alloy and nonferrous metal. Powders with various particle diameters from coarse particle powder to ultra-fine powder can be produced. Our alloyed powders are active in various fields of automobile, IT, electronic component, precision component, building material.

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High Alloy Powder

High Alloy Powder

High nickel and cobalt alloy powder Excellent in heat, corrosion and abrasion resistance Applicable to sintering, MIM, HIP materials, thermal spraying and welding alloy


  • Nickel based alloy : Heat and corrosion resistant
  • Cobaltbased alloy : Wear resistant
  • Powder shape and size are adjustable in accordance with customer's maufacturing processes and applications.
  • For development of wear resistance, High alloy powders are mixed with Fe-based alloy powder functioning as hard particels in the sintered metal matrix.
  • In response to property requirements, optimal alloy design is selectable.
High Alloy Powder

Main applications

  • Valve seats
  • Chemical engineering equipment
  • Jig for heating furnace
  • Turbine blades
  • Mesh belts
  • Turbo charger parts
  • Bush
  • Plant equipment

Main powder products

Material Chemical Composition(mass%) Features
C Ni Cr Mo Co Fe Others
DAPSKMC400 - - 8.0 28.0 Bal. - Si 2.5 Heat and wear resistance
DAPNMC700 - Bal. 15.0 32.0 - - Si 3.0 Heat and wear resistance
DAPRC276 - Bal. 15.5 16.0 - 5.0 W 4.0 Corrosion resistance against oxidaizing or reducing almosphere
DAPR625 - Bal. 21.0 9.0 - - Nb,Ti,Al Strength and corrosion resistance
DAPN80A 0.10 Bal. 20.0 - - - Al,Ti Good creep and fatigue strength at elevated temperature
DAPU520 0.05 Bal. 19.0 6.0 12.0 - W,Al,Ti,B Strength and heat resistance in high temperature
DAPSKH51 0.85 - 4.2 5.0 - Bal. W,V Wear resistance

※Different type of chemical compositions is also available

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